Trying to describe 'No Roads In' - Wheat Field Shepherd

As we travel along on the No Roads In journey, the people we meet along the way, friends old and new, naturally want to know about the No Roads In project. We search within ourselves and wrestle with each other, trying to best describe it, to accurately define it. We want everyone to believe in the goodness we have experienced, to understand and feel all the wonderful things that we feel. It brings up thoughts of tradition, honour, appreciation, creativity, authenticity, humour, family, friendship, support, encouragement, heart, teamwork, trust, love, and, of course art, film and music. The list of attributes goes on and on really. What we have come to realize is that No Roads In is not a static thing... it's not just an amazing old house, incredible musicians, an outstanding crew, a killer album or a beautiful film. It represents a lifestyle based on virtue, a series of many life moments, personal sharing, heartfelt actions of sincerity, the still unfolding stories of talented and caring individuals who's paths brought them all together under a common desire to reconsider what is really important in music, in film, and in life. A common willingness to take a chance and have the faith to explore and document a process of making music that does not rely on digital technologies, controlled environments, or commercial expectations. But rather, more closely resembles they way we feel music was meant to be created and shared. It is the telling of stories, together, in person, in harmony with the elements and each other, alive, in-the-pocket, authentic, and captured in the moment.

No Roads In reminds us that we all have magic within and we really don't need much to pull amazing things from ourselves, our companions, and our surroundings. We all feel deeply, we all laugh from the belly, we all cry from the heart, we all play to inspire, we all have stories to tell, and we all want to sing them, in our own ways.

We look forward to sharing the many stories of No Roads In and the Blake Reid Band with the world. I want to take this time to share a quick one about Blake Reid that includes a story of Blakes.

In a way that only Blake can do, after a week of loonnnggg days in the cutting of the No Roads In album, using live off-the-floor takes, inside of an old prairie home that was last occupied in 1939, all while filming over 120 hours of documentary film footage, Blake drove home, quietly sat down at his kitchen table and wrote this... what an absolute beauty.

Blake Reid - Wheat Field Shepherd - Aug 2016

The sum of my roads have all lead me here

I’ve carried my desperate been chained to my fears

While you stood in my silence and weathered my years

You battled my storms, washed by my tears

The lonely and empty, I felt down your halls

but i found my release when I echoed your walls

and my voice was my reverence and all I could give

so you could let go and I could begin

And there’s no way to reason, it’s way beyond chance

why you were a beacon, the pull in my hands

your voice was a whisper, a soft call from home

for the desperate, the hurtin, the lost and the cold

#noroadsin #blakereidband #awardwinningdocumentary #greatmusic #greatfriends #faith #thankful #countrymusic

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