CO-Creator | musician - blake reid
“This house had life in it, had music in it, and you bring some of the closest people together in your life, and then you celebrate, and you mourn, you shed some tears, and you laugh – that’s what the magic is of this house.” - Blake Reid

Music has always been a part of Blake and his incredible talents reflect the love he has had since he was just a boy back on the family farm (bought by his Grandfather from country music legend Wilf Carter) while learning to play guitar and banjo and crafting his first songs around the kitchen table.


Today, Blake is a world class songwriter, musician, and front-man, multiple albums cut in Nashville, along with thousands of live performances under his belt. Blake is a seasoned professional musician and no stranger to the many challenges and rewards of the music industry.

He has always felt that music is special. It's a part of all of us, a living thing, an energy, and there are special places throughout our world that inspire, enhance and, in a sense, protect and support music. With that belief, Blake was immediately interested in Adams special old house and the idea to play and record there, in harmony with nature, and to do it all for no other reason than the pure joy and appreciation of music and the gift of being friends and musicians. The idea of freeing themselves as musicians by removing all the confinements of commercial expectations seemed right, almost needed by Blake and his band of friends.


Despite the many inherent risks involved everyone felt drawn to this idea and taking on the many challenges involved with recording music in such a raw and dynamic place.

“My main goal out of this album is really just for people to understand what we’re trying to do here. I don’t care whether you like rock or grunge or pop or classical, or any of that. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, you can tell immediately if it’s authentic, or it’s not. If it’s real, or it’s not. If it’s heartfelt, or not. The style of music is irrelevant. I just want you to listen to this album, and say… I can tell it’s real, I can tell those guys put their heart and soul into it.” - Adam Naugler

Adam’s love for music was cemented when his parents bought him an old nicked up Fender Tele at a very young age. As he recalls “it was a big investment for my parents at the time”.  Adam’s playing eventually lead him to take apart that old Tele, only to find a metal guitar pick, that was engraved by the original owner, tucked away within the electronics. Adam was fascinated by that discovery and it started his life-long passion to find the truth... in sound and in music.


From that early age, Adam was driven to play music and he played in as many bands as he could, everything from rock to jazz, blues to country. It was a natural transition for Adam to then explore recording sound. Playing and recording music became his outlet.


His passion eventually lead to enrollment in the academy of production and recording arts and the rest is history. Adam dove into every aspect of sound that he could. He started with live sound productions, then transitioned to mobile trucks for live TV broadcasts, and then into the studio as a post-production audio engineer and finally into field audio work for documentaries and reality tv. Adam now has 100’s of hours of TV, film and documentary credits as a post-production audio mixer and field sound recordist.


In Adam’s words “I'm a guy who gravitates toward the challenging. Some guys prefer the safety of the studio, where as I’m most comfortable in the dirt.”

co-Creator | sound engineer - ADAM Naugler
musicians - BLAKe reid band

The members of the Blake Reid Band are first and foremost friends, bonded by common values, love of music, performing, and a mutual appreciation and respect for their incredible abilities as musicians.


The No Roads In project brought them all together once again and the experience and the results cemented the belief that, together, they create and offer something really special. There are no weak links in this line up as each of the members brings an impressive and honest musical repertoire to the group. In short, these guys can play... they are the real damn deal.

The Blake Reid Band pays homage to the craft of making authentic music rooted in the traditions of country and great storytelling. While incorporating flavors of folk, roots, red dirt, swamp, bluegrass, Americana, rock n roll, outlaw country and more. The Blake Reid Band stays true to the story and, in doing so, whether you were raised in the deep south of the USA, the evergreen forests of Northern Canada, the countryside of the UK, or anywhere in between, their sound, their energy, their stories, will awaken your heart, stir your soul and take you home.


The Blake Reid Band are:

Blake Reid

Aaron Young

Jason Valleau

Jon May

Craig Bignell


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aaron young
“My thing is I’m such a perfectionist, and I’m such a head guy, I can be, you know, a studio guy, a session guy, this is such a great experience to re-learn about what actually matters.”- Aaron Young
Jason valleau
“It’s incredible, I have a faith in my fellow man and fellow human, on this project more than I’ve ever felt before. “ - Jason Valleau
jon may
“Knowing these guys that I’m playing with, because they’re kind of like brothers, there’s no question. Hey, you want to play? Yeah, I want to play.” - Jon May
craig bignell
“My first thought when I was walking up to the house was: It looked like a painting, you know blowing in the wind and everything as we walked up there, carrying our banjos for two kilometers, you know [laughs], coming up to there it looked really amazing. And when I walked in and saw everybody in there, already starting to play, I couldn’t believe you were able to do that. I couldn’t believe… that you were able to do a recording session in a house, in a windstorm, with no windows, with the wind just blowing through. It was amazing.” - Craig Bignell
special guests
Special Guest - Scott Duncan
 Scott Duncan is an energetic and passionate performer who enjoys playing all styles, including Celtic, bluegrass, folk, classical, swing, country, Cajun, & other regional folk styles.


Scott grew up learning in a dual classical-fiddle world, studying at the Mount Royal College Conservatory for 10 years while touring as early as the age of 11. Since then Scott has toured all over the globe and performed with many brilliant musicians and groups, including the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the Polyjesters, the popular World beat show and fiddle sensation Barrage, John Wort Hannam, and many more. In addition to performing, Scott is a recording artist and a writer of original tunes based on traditional styles. 

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Special Guest - Mike Little

Mike Little is one of the most sought-after and diverse musicians in Canada. With over 25 years of experience in the music industry, his notable work has secured 4 gold records, 1 platinum record, 2 Juno awards, 12 CCMA nominations, and 3 CCMA wins.  

He has worked on projects that have secured radio, television, and licensing placements, including work on over 100 radio singles and over 30 top-40 tracks. He has co-written over 25 radio releases and major label titles, including a number 2 in Australia which held a top 10 spot for over 12 weeks. His understanding of a vast variety of musical genres, compositions, and sounds make him the first choice for both artists and studios to work with. As well as being a prolific studio musician, songwriter, and producer, Mike has spent over 20 years on the road backing up some of the biggest names in Canadian Music.

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